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February 9
"Obamacare In Court" The Commerce Clause
Paul Beard is the lead Attorney on Obamacare from the Pacific Legal Foundation.

Lone Tree Golf Course, Antioch, 6 - 8 pm.
Contact Steve Donaldson 925.766.2556

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No special skills are required. 99.5% of the people in the TEA Party move movement "Have never done anything like this before." Join us as "We the People" take back our country! We have a variety of different things you can do and believe in letting you decide how to help the cause for Freedom!

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 Photography-take pictures at events and Facebook page

 Adopt a Politician- Remain up to date on a politician's stand on issues and voting record

 Fundraising- help with any of the clerical and personal tasks to raise funds for the group

 Legislative Response- fire off letters and make phone calls to our elected officials

 Media Response- Write letters to the editor about current issues

 Advertising- help see that our activities are in the local newspapers and on the radio

 Protest- Get out there and let the public know our stand

 Man a Table- Sit at our table at various places passing out pamphlets and materials

 Walk a Precinct- Walk a neighborhood or two passing our materials to our neighbors

 Welcome Team- Contact any interested citizens and new members to welcome them

 Run for Office

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