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February 9
"Obamacare In Court" The Commerce Clause
Paul Beard is the lead Attorney on Obamacare from the Pacific Legal Foundation.

Lone Tree Golf Course, Antioch, 6 - 8 pm.
Contact Steve Donaldson 925.766.2556

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East Contry Costa T.E.A. Party

East Contry Costa T.E.A. Party is group of concerned citizens working to create a Constitutionally limited, fiscally responsible government.

Tea Party History

The Tea Party Patriots concept began in February of 2009 when a reporter at the Chicago Stock Exchange said, "It‘s time for another Boston Tea Party." Immediately after that comment, the internet East Contra Coast Tea Partyexploded with people from every part of the country, all walks of life and both sides of the aisle shouting a resounding "YES" in agreement. Little did that reporter realize that his comment would spark a flame that is burning brighter every day.

The first local Tea Party event was held on February 27, 2009 at the California State Capitol. Planning began in the living room of Mark and Patty Meckler, ordinary citizens of Grass Valley, who felt strongly that their government was out of control. With no money, no publicity other than word of mouth and with very little planning, Mark, Patty, their two kids and Mark‘s mom and dad headed to Sacramento armed with their passion and a few signs. At first, they were the only ones there. Little by little, people trickled in and within a few hours there were over 150 people protesting out of control government spending and waste. These too were just ordinary citizens who had said, "Enough is enough."

The media didn‘t cover this event. They didn‘t think that is was "newsworthy." They were wrong indeed.
Sacramento and Nevada Counties were among the first official Tea Party organizations formed following the February event. April 15th, our annual Tax Day was the key date in becoming a National Force for the kind of change most Americans are longing for. Some media still chose to East Contra Costa Tea Partydismiss the effort, but one network, Fox News, stood strong and covered every major Tea Party across the United States.

In California, there were over 80 Tea Parties. Across the United States, there were over 850 with thousands pouring into the streets of their communities numbering over 1.2 million Tea Party participants. These were just ordinary Americans, young, old, rich, poor and all in between, joining with their families, friends and neighbors. This represented the largest number of demonstrators on any one day, multi-city protest in the history of the world! Their voices were loud and clear. They will no longer tolerate the government ignoring the voice of the people. The governed were not going to allow the runaway spending or watch our Constitution get trampled by an over-reaching government arm. Across this land, from sea to shining sea, the Tea Party was making a difference. Now, it was time to change the name to ―Tea Party Patriots.

In California, the Tea Party Patriots helped to defeat the tax propositions that were on the ballot in June of 2009. According to the Howard Jarvis Taxpayer‘s Association, "The Tea Party Patriots were instrumental in the fight against each one of those ballot measures."